If This Is The End, Will You Survive The Rape Jokes? (Spoilers)

This Is The End is a very funny movie. I laughed at the celebrity mockery. I giggled and said Que Sera, Sera to a butthole. Just like a Kesha concert, I screamed and jumped at the scary music. And, I cringed at the rape jokes. I wanted to love this movie. I gave it everything I have. However, two days out from seeing… »6/17/13 4:34pm6/17/13 4:34pm


Superman Really Has To Poop

Just the whole movie. Like, it's a big one. The porta-potty is gonna splash. And perhaps that's the best way to describe Zack Snyder's baby: shitstained. If you just change the diaper, though, it could grow up into a real franchise. Cavill and Adams have potential, despite what I've heard elsewhere. Underneath it all… »6/15/13 6:21pm6/15/13 6:21pm